The Prohibited Zone—Australian Atomic Landscapes

Through photography, this work explores two mainland Australian atomic test sites. The photographs look at the post-atomic Australian landscape, specifically focusing on the former South Australian test sites created by the British Government at the beginning of the Cold War (1953-63).

26 photographs were made. They present a different Western perspective of the Australian landscape. They question what the military and allied scientists brought to bear on the surface of the earth, on this specific land; conceptually, physically and culturally. 

The photographs were exhibited as prints at the UNSW Galleries, corner of Oxford Street and Greens Road, Paddington, New South Wales 2021 Australia (11–26 August, 2017).


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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people were respectfully advised that a number of places/country depicted in the photographs in this exhibition are culturally sensitive.

Only a small representation of this work will be released online. Other images and curatorial content can be obtained by using the contact link supplied in the ‘about’ menu.

None of these images can be reproduced or made available without permission.