The Prohibited Zone

The Prohibited Zone is a contemporary photographic project revealing the story of a buried Australian landscape, an atomic legacy forgotten in the urban subconscious.


Video Garden Artefacts (VGA) 1997/2011

Video Garden Artefacts (VGA) 1997/2011 is work revisited and investigates an earlier understanding of landscape, technology and the individual. It too, like the series from The future imperfect, sees the garden as a thinking place. (2011)


A line I walked

A forest is a very easy place to hide things and you never know when they will be found. It is full of problems. This work is a study for a nature of death and the role one’s own hand can play in it. (2010)


Goodbye to Love

Goodbye to Love is a continuation of my research into unusual memorial visions within the Australian landscape. This new body of work focuses on the Utopia created by Italian migrant Valerio Ricetti (1898–1952) in the Scenic Hill area of Griffith, New South Wales, Australia. (2008)


The Not-Yet Place

These garden landscapes are used as a metaphor to explore ideas involving technology and control, questioning older ideological structures and what they say about the future. This series of photographs depicts an old garden maze and surrounds from Weston Park, Canberra; investigating the original garden nursery used to test and transplant the instant landscape for Australia’s capital city. (2007)


The future imperfect

These photographs document the garden as a thinking enclosure. The images make use of a nineteenth century pictorial and scientific aesthetic to play out the perpetual human desire for discovery amongst complex organic structures; exploring a relationship between science, architecture and the land. (2005)


Other photographs

These are single images released outside of solo shows and include Hauptbahnhof, Berlin, Tasman Sea (Charleston) and Blue Dyed Orchid.